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Whether you can attend or not,
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the reunion booklet. Or you can
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In any case, if you are attending,
the information at left is just for
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won't be considered confirmed
until we actually receive your
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C.H.S. Class of 1964,  Contact & Reservations -
Clearfield, PA
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@ $30.00 each
Below are the pages from our 40th Reunion Booklet in 2004. You may have to click on the thumbnail for the front page to enlarge it; then you can toggle through until you find your page to review the information. If the info in the 2004 page is correct, just enter "same" above. But please include your e-mail so we can build a database.
We realize that the very last page, Deceased Members, is not current. There is an
updated list here . If you see any errors, please contact me immediately.
To just send Harold a general
e-mail, go here .
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