Clearfield, PA
Super Load, December 13, 2019 ~
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Several of the articles that I'll link to tell the story better and more completely than I can, but here's a precis.
A paper manufacturer in Lock Haven PA had ordered a new (huge) piece of equipment from Europe which
after crossing the Atlantic had to journey up the St. Lawrence Seaway to the Port of Erie. To get from Erie to
its destination required a meandering route that would bring it through Clearfield. Because of its size and
the slow pace it was originally announced that all travel would occur during daylight. But, to make up
for some delays that had already occurred, it was decided to make some changes to the schedule and at about
4 a.m., (0-dark-hundred) on Friday, Dec.13th the convoy left the spot where it had been parked overnight atop
the Rockton Mountain and arrived in Clearfield around 5:30-6:00 a.m. I awoke early and considered going
off in search of it but demurred since motorists were asked to stay out of the way of the behemoth. I set up
"base camp" in my backyard in my little Fiat to stay warm and patiently waited. This first
VIDEO shows
its progress from near Siegel Engraving to Elk Avenue and then continues with views of its entering the 879
bypass by going
UP the off-ramp of the 322 Exit (they call this "counterflow.") ~
Apparently there are lots of folks in Northwest-Central PA who don't have anything better to do with their time than I do and below are some of their videos and links and reprints from news outlets throughout the region.
There are a lot more articles and videos than I've included here; just Google "Super Load" for articles or search "Super Load" on YouTube. You'll get tired of them before you run out of links.
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