clearfieldreunions.com and the above mentioned sites are  neither affiliated with
nor endorsed by the Clearfield Area School District
www.clearfieldreunions.com was originally hatched as a website catering to any graduating
class of C.H.S. that was planning or wishing to publicize an upcoming reunion.

While we will still announce any such info that anyone cares to send us, it seems that the role we
envisioned has been largely supplanted by social media.

For more information or to have your group added to the site, please Contact Us
If you do request that info be posted about a reunion, it will be displayed prominently
            on the front page, just as in the past !

What we will still do and which will become our focus will be the posting of more Bison yearbooks
and to feature pictures and commentary we hope will be of interest of many Clearfield area alums.
Submissions of any content of this nature are encouraged as well.

In pursuing this somewhat different direction we also intend to incorporate more interaction with our
three partnered site listed below.

Those Sites -

www.ladybisonsports.org - 2005 ( was originally ladybisonbasketball.org ) ~ Girls' sports at the Clearfield High School with
Basketball and Softball being emphasized and Golf, Soccer, Tennis and Volleyball also covered.

www.clearfieldfootball.org - 2006 ~ Sponsored by the Quarterback Club and featuring all aspects of Bison Football.
Lots of action pictures from every game, home and away.

www.clearfieldswimming.org - 2008 ~ Under the auspices of the Clearfield Aquatic Club, this site focuses on the
competitive Swimming and Diving programs at C.H.S.

All these sites regularly feature links to local and distant media reportage of events, carry full team rosters and
team pictures as well as extensive photo coverage of games and meets. Beginning in the fall of 2009, we increased
our scope by adding
VIDEO footage to the sporting meet photo coverage.

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Obligatory disclaimer ~

While we much appreciate the outstanding assistance and cooperation we receive from the
Staff and Administration at C.H.S. and the C.A.S.D , we must remind all readers :

" clearfieldreunions.com and the above mentioned sites are neither affiliated with
nor endorsed by the Clearfield Area School District "

What this means, of course, is that if you read or see something on one of our sites that
displeases you or with which you disagree , please don't blame the C.A.S.D
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