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These Photos
courtesy of
Karl & Carrol
(Benner) Kindel
64reunion 002
64reunion 003
64reunion 007
64reunion 008
64reunion 009
64reunion 023
64reunion 031
64reunion 032
Below is a compilation of some video clips that I shot Saturday night.   Right click on the black box, then
"Play", but before you do, a disclaimer or two -  just because the recorder is state-of-the-art, it doesn't mean
the operator is. I should have set it for "low light", but I'm still learning.  As you look at the video and the
pictures above, we need to recall Dalton's new rule - Neal McGonigal and Terry Harzinski will be banned
from any more reunions until they start looking as old as the rest of us.
If anyone has more pictures, please send them to me and we'll add them to this page.