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Here's an alphabetical list of all of the advertisers in the Special Edition. It's fun to read through them and see how
many you remember and how many ( or few ) are still in business today ~
Page locations in parentheses -
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A & P Markets (18) - At the time of this edition I'm thinking that the A&P was in its new building along the river where J&G Food
is now. They had earlier operated on S. 2nd St. in what is now part of the CNB complex.
While still very much in business nationally, they are long gone from Central PA,

Curtiss-Wright Corporation (17) - Still a major defense supplier, they had their operation at Quehanna, north of Karthaus where
the Boot Camp is now. Their presence in our area was shortlived.

Demmer & Schenck (8) of Evans City supplied the cafeteria kitchen equipment, seem to be out of business.

Gable's (14) - "The Big Store". An Altoona landmark  for many years. More later.

Harbison-Walker Refractories (19) - The brickyards that dominated the north side of Bigler Ave. on the site of the ethanol plant.
At one time they were one of Clearfield's and the area's major employers.

Laclede-Christy division of HK Porter (12) - A brickyard on the site of the Clearfield Elementary School.

McCarls Plumbing (4) - From Beaver Falls PA, they were the HVAC contractor for the school. Now a subsidiary of PP&L.

Moyer Bros. Contractors , (3) - Altoona, the general contractor. Interestingly, also did work on the old Shaw Library, which is
now the Clearfield Borough offices.

G.C. Murphy (18) - Located at 3rd & Market where the Sweet Art Bakery is now. Later Ames/Murphy Mart in the Mall, defunct.

Playco Sales (7) - Gym or playground equipment. Haven't been able to find out anything about them.

Sears Roebuck (18) was at 3rd & Market where Henry & Co. is now. Sears has not been in Clearfield for a long while.

Wolf Furniture (22) - While we haven't had a Wolf's in town for some time, they seem to be doing well in other parts of PA and
in MD & VA. Their Clearfield store was on the site of the Hembold & Stewart offices on 3rd St.
Some further ramblings and musings about the advertisers in the edition.

First some of the larger nationwide or statewide firms and their status today ~
Some of the now (mostly) defunct local firms of the time with a short description of their locations back then ~
BTW, corrections and comments are always welcome.
Dorse Albert Motors (21) was the Buick dealer and was located just off of Cherry Street where the cable company is today. Earlier
Mr. Albert had also had the Chevrolet franchise which he sold to Fred Diehl ca.1954. Prior to that Mr.Diehl had been the Nash
dealer on Daisy St. which became (Richard) Lodico Motors. Diehl's later relocated to a new facility on Bridge St (CVS) ca. 1961 then
to the Clfd-CVille Hwy. In 1979. Albert's became Ross Buick then merged with Strattan's and they were later in the Workman's Bldg.

Ash Hat Co. (21) 36 N. 2nd St., later  the "Little Z", Republican HQ now.

Best Jewelers, 122 E. Market St location is now Scotto's Pizza. Best is now located on River Road.

Bloom's Pharmacy (13) 11 S. 2nd St. in what is now part of the CNB.

Bob's Army & Navy (8)* 22 N. 3rd. St. , later moved to their current location in what had been the W.T. Grant store .

Brody's (24) was a ladies' store on 2nd St. in the strip between the Dimeling & Jim's

Henry J. Brown (14); in Hyde next to the UniMart.

Brown's Boot Shops (7) on Market, building is part of what is Bob's A&N today.

Buck's Tavern/Rainbow Room(20) was on Nichols St in the now vacant Dinger's

P.M. Burns Farm Equipment (6) was on Daisy St. Ext. Across from PennDot in the current Ken Braniff Motors or next door.

Joseph Castagnolo Tailor (9) 203 E Market St. Upstairs above current Naddeo Law Office

Harry Circolo Tailor (8) was on the corner of 3rd & Locust on the site of the current Bozovich State Farm. Mr. Circolo & Mr.
Castagnolo were next door neighbors on Dorey St.

City Auto Sales (12) (Dodge Dealer) was in the current Federated Auto Parts bldg. next to the St. Charles.

Clearfield Cheese (5),Curwensville. Originator of "each slice individually wrapped"

Clearfield Dairy (13) had their main plant and store on Reed St. Across from the "Elks" and smaller stores on Weaver St.
(vacant lot at Clearfield St) and Old Town Road (OTR Dairy)

Clearfield Diner (10) was on Locust across from The Progress, site of the recent YMCA expansion.

Clearfield Equipment (6), Old Town Rd.,International Truck dealer, now "Curves" & Waggin Trains.

Daisher GMC (9), on Leavy Ave.

Davidson's Men's Store (13), Corner of 2nd/Locust, later Loddo's Photos now "No Place Like Home"

Dufton Hardware (8) 239 E. Market, later Delaney's, now Ethan's Cafe.

I.C. Edmunds & Sons (15), TV store on Old Town Road (Clear Care)

Electric Supply (8), 125 E. Market,  where the Chamber of Commerce is now.

The Gift Box (23) 118 E.Market St, Notice the nice bay windows on upper floors.

Holden's Paint Store (9),123 E. Mkt. St., now furniture store.

Howe's Jewelry Store (11) 117 E. Market St, Notice the curved glass in showroom windows.

Iddings Service Station (14) 2nd & Locust adj. Clearfield Diner

Johnson Machine Co. (20), Elk Ave.

Jury's Service Station (9), 3rd & Mkt. Now Clearfield Pharmacy location.

Killion Motors (24)- Chrysler, 2nd. St. in what is now part of the CNB.

Kurtz Stationery (13) 34 N. 2nd St., where Main Won is now.

Leitzinger's (5) 234 E. Market St - Clearfield's Premier Department Store for 122 years, now Historica Plus Antique Emporium.

Mc Nulty & Reed (10,11)-TV/Radio repair, 4th & Locust.

Harry E. Mann Typewriters (15), 119 E. Market, now Happy Events Photo.

Mann's Atlantic Service (10) 2nd & Locust, now Burleigh Real Estate.

Mann's Esso (8), 2nd St, now Domino's Pizza

Marlene's Dress Shop (9), 130 E. Market St., Jackson-Hewitt

Miller Dairy (4),W 2nd Ave, now Clearfield Tire

Natoli's Restaurant (2),Bigler Ave at E. 10th. St, across from Ethanol Plant.

O'Brien's Jewelry (16) ^ ^, 20 N. 3rd, next to Bob's A&N then, now Zalno's at NE Int. 3rd & Locust.

Penn Furniture (5) 2nd. St., now Jim's Sports Center. The large square window on the left was once a separate store room, home
of Quigley's Drug Store and Soda Fountain.

Point Service Station (10), now Choice across from SF School.

Prave's (21) Hair Salon & Bridal Shop - 23 S. 2nd St. in what is now part of the CNB.

Public Market (11) - 225 E. Market St. now John Sughrue Law Offices.

R & R Store (10), Ogden Ave,

J.S. Raub Shoe Store (16) 235 E. Mkt. St., now Laurel Eye Clinic.

Rhone Motor Co. (18) Pontiac - Market at the River. Franchise sold to AutoMart ca. 1970, bldg. converted into UniMart 1973, now "Market Square"

Ritz-Lyric-Roxy Theaters (15) ^ ^ ^ Lyric was at 3rd/Locust, now parking lot; Roxy was on 3rd St most recently Leitzinger Warehouse.

Robinson's Men's Shop (5) 239 E. Mkt St., now A-V Discount

Drs. Rubinstein & Kempner (24), Market St. Upstairs above one of the stores in strip between Grant's & Murphy's

Sherwin-Williams (15) * 3rd & Mkt., Basement of Thorn Hotel complex that burned down in 1963. Where Sheetz was until
new store was built on west side.

Ed. L. Shirey Lumber (15) W. 2nd Ave, next to where new apartments are. Office still stands out front, most recently
Kathy Miller's tax office.

Shugarts Shoes (15) 219 Market St., now Bill Kriner Law Offices.

Shull Studio (17) 111 N. 3rd, across alley from Leavy's

Singer Sewing Center (8) 14 N. 2nd, next to "Rhine's" , now vacant

Smith's Camera Shop (15) 21 N. 3rd, near what is now Gardner's

M. Guy Stewart Lincoln-Mercury (15) River Road; WOKW/Best Jewelers

Strattan Motor Co. (22) Oldsmobile/Cadillac - 4th & Pine, now Grice Museum.

Straw Bros. Monuments (11) 7 N 4th

Thompson & Buck (20) * Nichols &W. Front, now Sheetz

Undercoffer Florist (20), 107 N 4th, next to Suzette's Hair Premier

Western Auto (8), 300 E. Market, same bldg. as Sherwin-Williams; first floor.

Windmill Tavern (12) Old Town Rd., right about where bypass/Kwik Fill are.

F.W. Wise Gas Co. (24) Bridge St where Grice office is now.

Woody's Service Station (10) 219 N 3rd, Gray Engine today.

H.R. Woolridge Ins., 26 S. 2nd St., now MAC office suites. HRW and Dimeling & Schrot now merged at 114 S. Front St.

Workman's Mfg. (12) 112 S. 3rd. Miller Auto Parts today.

Young Men's Shop (23) 115 E. Market St, Left of Ritz Theatre, now Batcho's
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A & P Markets (18)
Dorse Albert Motors (21)
American Legion (20) *
Anderson Insurance (7)
Ash Hat Co. (21)
Aughenbaugh Coal (2)
Clyde N. Bartley Insurance (4)
Beckwith Machinery (20) **
Belfast Coal Co. (14)
Best Jewelers (6) *
Bloom Insurance (9)
Bloom's Pharmacy (13)
Bob's Army & Navy (8)*
Bradford Coal (13) *
Brody's (24)
Foster S. Brown Garage (20) ***
Henry J. Brown (14)
Brown's Boot Shops (7)
Buck's Tavern/Rainbow Room(20)
Frank Bumgarner Oil (7)
P.M. Burns Farm Equipment (6)
Joseph Castagnolo Tailor (9)
Harry Circolo Tailor (8)
City Auto Sales (12)
Clearfield Cheese (5)
Clearfield County Motor Club (9)
Clearfield Dairy (13)
Clearfield Diner (10)
Clearfield Door Sales (23)
Clearfield Electric Cooperative (24)
Clearfield Equipment (6)
Clearfield Insurance (7)
Clearfield Oil & Gas (7)
Clearfield Recapping (10)
Clearfield Sporting Goods (16)
Clearfield Trust Co. (13) *
Clearfield Wholesale Paper (10) *
Cleaver's/Stevens' AG Mkts (14)
Collins Florist (14)
Commercial Printing (9) *
County National Bank (4) *
John R. Crago Oil (23)
Curtiss-Wright Corporation *17)
Daisher GMC (9)
Davidson's Men's Store (13)
Demmer & Schenck Kitchen Equ.(8)
Point Service Station (10)
Portage Cleaners (23)
Prave's (21)
Public Market (11)
R & R Store (10)
J.S. Raub Shoe Store (16)
Reesman's Esso (14)
Rhone Motor Co. (18)
Arthur & Cecil Rishel Contr. (20)
Ritz-Lyric-Roxy Theaters (15) ^ ^ ^
Riverside Motel (14) *
Robinson's Men's Shop (5)
Drs. Rubinstein & Kempner (24)
Sayers Clover Farm Store (20)
Sears Roebuck (18)
Sherwin-Williams (15) *
Ed. L. Shirey Lumber (15)
Shuck Hotels (23)
Shugarts Shoes (15)
Shull Studio (17)
S.O.I. Lodge #189 (13) *
Singer Sewing Center (8)
Smith's Camera Shop (15)
Max F. Smith Dry Cleaning (23)
Sterling Roofing Co. (21)
M. Guy Stewart L
incoln-Mercury (15)
Strattan Motor Co. (22)
Straw Bros. Monuments (11)
Swift & Brown (4)
Thompson & Buck (20) *
Undercoffer Florist (20)
VFW 1785 (14) *
Waroquier Coal Co. (23) *
Western Auto (8)
West Side Distributing (23) *
Williamsgrove Clay Products (11)
Windmill  Tavern (12)
Winkler Candy Co. (21)
F.W. Wise Gas Co. (24)
Wolf Furniture (22)
Woody's Service Station (10)
Woolridge Coal Co. (12)
H.R. Woolridge Insurance (23) ^
Workman's Mfg. (12)
Young Men's Shop (23)
Dimeling & Schrot Insurance (14) ^
Dotts Motor Company (11) *
Du Bois Coal Mining (11)
Dufton Hardware (8)
John K. Dufton Bldg. Supply(16) ****
F.O. Eagles (8) *
I.C. Edmunds & Sons (15)
Electric Supply (8)
B.P.O. Elks (12) *
Fullington Auto Bus (17) *
Gable's (14)
The Gift Box (23)
Harbison-Walker Refractories (19)
Holden's Paint Store (9)
Howe's Jewelry Store (11)
Iddings Service Station (14)
Johnson Machine Co. (20)
Jury's Service Station (9)
Killion Motors (24)
Krebs Bros. Transfer (18)
Kurtz Bros. (2) *
Kurtz Stationery (13)
Laclede-Christy (12)
Leavy's Funeral Home (6) *****
Leitzinger's (5)
Lytle's Insurance (14)
McCarls Plumbing (4)
Harry E. Mann Typewriters (15)
Mann's Atlantic Service (10)
Mann's Esso (8)
Marlene's Dress Shop (9)
Miller Dairy (4)
L.O.O. Moose (21) *
Moyer Bros. Contractors (3)
G.C. Murphy (18)
Natoli's Restaurant (2)
T.J. Norris Dry Cleaning (10)
O'Brien's Jewelry (16) ^ ^
Overhead Door Co. (21)
Owens Servicenter (13)
Penn Furniture (5)
Penbrook Contracting (18)
Penney's (10) *
Pennsylvania Electric (16) *
E.L. Peterson Motor Repair (15)
Playco Sales (7)
**** John K. Dufton's is now
        "H & H Hardware"
***** Leavy's is now "Kevin
* Still in business
** Beckwith is now Cleveland Bros.
*** Foster Brown Garage is now
        "Bob Boob's Garage"
^ Dimeling & Schrot & HR
         Woolridge are now merged.
^ ^ O'Brien's is now "Zalno's"
^ ^ ^ Ritz still in business, others long gone.

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DT1 (55)
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The pictures above are all from the present day and except in a very few instances do not represent what any of the
buildings would have looked like back in 1956. They're posted here only to give folks a frame of reference as to their
physical location. We'll try to come up with period photos of some of these locations as we get around to it.