The "Old" Clearfield High School - Downtown
Above view is from the northeast, like you were standing in the Automax Motors lot, looking diagonally across the intersection.
This typical classroom scene shows
the former Rhone Motors in the
background ( later a Uni-Mart ) and
which will be developed as part of the
Riverwalk Project. This classroom was
located where the
* is in the two night
photos above.

If my instincts are right, the teacher in
the picture is Miss Amy Reno who
taught French & Music. Miss Reno's
credentials were impressive, having
attended Goucher College, Columbia
University and the University of Paris.

Later, when the building was Junior
High West, it was Mrs. Scott's 9th
Grade English Room.
Two views of the library. The windows overlooked the river. Perfect for daydreaming.
The gym in the basement
was so small that wrestling
meets had to be held at the
Coal Hill Armory to handle
the crowds.

And, you can see below that
there was only parking for
about 40 cars anyway.

This is the lot that today serves the borough offices ; the
Shaw Library is now to the left, Upper Witmer Park is
( still ) to the right. Outdoor gym classes were conducted
in the park.

"New " Driver Ed car with Mr. Weiss behind the wheel.
( 1951 Mercury )
The aftermath of the big ice storm of November 1950.
Looking from the concrete wall along the riverbank.

And some random shots of the old school from Bison yearbooks of the early 50's . . . . is neither affiliated with nor endorsed
by the Clearfield Area School District

This photo of the downtown high-school graced the inside of the front and back covers of  "The Bison" yearbooks in the years 1952-1956.  Located along the river where the current Shaw Library now stands, this building was the High School from ca. 1918 until 1956, when it became "Junior High West". The "Golden Bison" Memorial Wall would be located to the right of the pine tree behind the 4-Door Oldsmobile car.
Original Pen & Ink drawing of the "Old" Clearfield High School by David Yocum.
Courtesy the artist.   "Here's to the praise . . . " refers to the opening line of the
CHS Alma Mater. ( Newly Updated with
The caption ( 1954 "Bison" ) reads:

        "That picture is enough
         to make anyone smile",

referring to the architect's rendering
of the "new" High School which
would open about two years later.
Superintendent S.F.W. Morrison is
on the left , with three students.

There's one funny thing about "new" schools, though.    The Mill Road school became the Middle School when the next
"new"  High School opened in Hyde in 1975.   So, the Hyde building has served as a High School for more than 40 years
while the previous one was the High School for only about half that long.

Mr. Morrison retired from the Superintendent's position in the late 1950's with Mr. Elwood L. Rohrbaugh as his
successor.  After Mr. Morrison's retirement he would occasionally return as a substitute teacher, and would comment
that being back in the classroom was where he felt the most comfortable.   He was a truly fine gentleman.
One of the Market Street entrances.
( 1939 "Bison" )
Typical Classroom scenes,
Mr. Mead, center. ( 1940 "Bison" )
The original
" Green Wienie "

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Current C.H.S.
Above  is a postcard image that I found online. Click to enlarge.
No idea why the car is parked facing
against traffic.

While both the postcard and Mr. Yocum's
drawing show twin flags flying atop the school, they don't appear in any of the
photos below.
Clearfield, PA
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